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2002-2005 6.5L GM® Diesel Engine Gaskets: VIN Z

As reliable as 2002-2005 6.5L GM® diesel engines can be, blown head gaskets are a typical repair that owners will encounter at some point. For secure, lasting macro- and micro-sealing, Victor Reinz® cylinder head gaskets deliver optimal service for these VIN Z engines. Whether you’re a professional technician or skilled do-it-yourselfer, Victor Reinz offers gasket sets for cylinder heads and many other common applications that provide top quality, all in one box.

2002-2005 6.5L GM Diesel Engine Gaskets: VIN Z

Part Type Year Comments Part Number
Head Gasket 2002-2005 .010" thicker 61-10456-00
Head Gasket 2002-2005 Standard thickness 61-10348-00
Head Set without Head Gasket 20022005   02-10634-01
Head Bolt Set 2002-2005   14-10038-01
Conversion Set 2002-2005   08-10079-01
Intake Manifold Set 2002-2005 Lower set 11-10616-01
Plenum Gasket Set 2002-2005 Upper set 71-14762-00
Exhaust Manifold Set 2002-2005   11-10161-01
Exhaust Pipe Gasket 2002-2005 Pipe to manifold 1 3/4" 71-13649-00
Exhaust Pipe Gasket 2002-2005 Crossover, 2 3/32" 71-13655-00
Fuel Pump Mounting Gasket 2002-2005 Plate 71-13598-00
Fuel Pump Mounting Gasket 2002-2005   71-13599-00
Fuel Pump Mounting Gasket 2002-2005 Injector pump mounting 71-14017-00
Oil Pan Gasket Set 2002-2005   10-10204-01
Drain Plug Gasket 2002-2005   71-13462-00
Rear Main Seal Set 2002-2005 One-piece 19-10065-01
Valve Cover Gasket Set 2002-2005   15-10523-01
Valve Stem Seal Set 2002-2005 Intake and exhaust; o-ring 12-10018-01
Valve Stem Seal Set 2002-2005 Exhaust; premium 12-10096-01
O-Ring 2002-2005   41-10401-00
Water Outlet Gasket 2002-2005 Water crossover 71-13542-00
Water Pump Mounting Set 2002-2005   18-10043-01
Timing Cover Set 2002-2005 Without sleeve and seal 15-10274-01
EGR Gasket 2002-2005   71-14530-00
Gasket VIN Z
Gasket VIN Z
Gasket VIN Z

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