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Victor Reinz® Gaskets for European and Asian Vehicles

“With foreign nameplates accounting for over half of new vehicle sales in North America, I need a line of gaskets I can rely on for both outstanding coverage, and unmatched durability.”

Victor Reinz® gaskets are OE on many European and Asian vehicles, and our broad line of sealing solutions – including cylinder head gaskets, turbocharger mounting kits, oil pan gaskets and more – is engineered by experts to help you build your business.

Let Us Help You Build Your Business

Victor Reinz® is the global leader in OE gasket engineering, technology, and manufacturing, supplying virtually every engine manufacturer in the world with products for major applications. For European brands, Victor Reinz offers unmatched coverage, with exclusive gasket sets engineered by experts. Now celebrating 110 years of providing trusted sealing solutions, Victor Reinz is proud to bring our European expertise to the US market.

Popular Foreign Nameplate Models on the Road Today:


Toyota Camry

VW Golf

Top 5 Victor Reinz Products

Exploded Engine1. Valve Cover Gaskets

  • Multiple sealing beads seal less-than-straight valve covers
  • Compression limiters eliminate the chance of over-tightening
  • Engineered cross-section ensures perfect fit

2. Gaskets with Wave-Stopper® Technology

  • Prevents over-compression of the bore bead
  • Topographic wave height profile
  • Manufactured from full hard stainless steel
  • Premium FKM coatings

3. Cylinder Head Gaskets

  • Superior combustion sealing capabilities
  • Aftermarket coatings to seal minor surface imperfections
  • Balanced design for optimal bolt load distribution

4. Oil Pan Gaskets

  • Carrier design increases strength and provides for easy installation
  • Compression limiters prevent over-tightening
  • Application-specific materials reduce level of torque loss

5. Turbocharger Mounting Kit

  • Turbocharger kits are the perfect solution for the removal and replacement of turbochargers. These complete add-on kits contain the gaskets and replacement parts necessary to ensure efficient and professional results.
  • Top-quality materials
  • Saves time on component procurement
  • Wide range of applications available

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