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Gaskets Designed for Protection in Extreme Temperatures.

Exhaust manifold gaskets must withstand temperatures of up to 1400° F—and be able to stand up to wear and tear between manifolds and cylinder heads. And as manifold flanges warp in these extreme conditions, you need a gasket that can help keep things sealed. Victor Reinz exhaust manifold gaskets deliver peak performance in these tough conditions.

Exhaust Manifold Gaskets: Modern Materials for All Vehicles.

Exhaust manifold gasket technology has evolved immensely over the years, from the earliest fiber gaskets to graphite to today’s multi-layered steel (MLS). Because Victor Reinz has a long heritage of supplying gaskets to original equipment manufacturers, we are uniquely qualified to provide MLS gaskets and other constructions that meet OE specifications on a wide range of vehicles going back decades. Whether the application is a late model import or a classic muscle car – Victor Reinz has the right exhaust manifold gasket for you.  Also, in the world of high performance vehicles, tubular exhaust manifolds are called headers – and we’ve got the “header gaskets” to fit.

Victor Reinz Gaskets: The Brand Manufacturers Trust.

Victor Reinz exhaust manifold gaskets are part of a full line of gaskets and sealing products backed by Dana, one of the most trusted names in automotive, commercial, and off-highway products. Both Victor Reinz and Dana have been supplying original equipment manufacturers around the world for years, and they have the expertise to deliver for the aftermarket as well. 

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