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All the Gaskets You Need for Your Engine Repair.

Whether you’re a professional technician or skilled do-it-yourselfer, you need easy access to every part required for your repair. With Victor Reinz gasket sets, it comes—all in one box and without any surprises.

Head Sets: The Right Gasket Components for an Upper Engine Repair.

The heart of a Victor Reinz Head set is the famous Victor Reinz cylinder head gasket, chosen by major OE manufacturers around the world. In Victor Reinz head sets, you get all the gasket components you need for a tight-sealing upper engine repair—and the confidence that comes from using products from a trusted OE supplier. In addition to the head gaskets, you will find premium-quality Victor Reinz valve cover gaskets, intake manifold gaskets and any other sealing components needed for installation of the cylinder head(s).

No matter what configuration of engine is being repaired, Victor Reinz knows which components you need because Victor Reinz has been supplying gaskets to original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket installers since 1909!

Conversion Sets: Everything You Need for a Lower Engine Gasket Repair.

For a lower engine repair, Victor Reinz manufactures a full line of gaskets and sealing products designed to meet the exact specifications of original equipment manufacturers. When combined with a Victor Reinz head set, you’ll have everything needed for a complete engine assembly. The conversion set by itself can also be your best choice for a handy combination of components, such as an oil pan gasket, rear main bearing seal and more, for a lower engine repair or re-sealing.

Full Sets: Repair an Entire Engine without Searching for Parts.

Combining all the components from Victor Reinz head sets and conversion sets, our full sets give you all the gasket and sealing components you need to perform a complete engine repair. With all-makes coverage, you are very likely to find there’s a Victor Reinz gasket set for your vehicle.

Find the head set, conversion set, or full set that’s right for your vehicle. 

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