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You can’t beat the strength of steel!

DVR Max Dry Gasket
Resists chemical attack from extended life coola

For the most demanding intake manifold applications, Victor Reinz offers MaxDry STL® steel-carrier gaskets. They feature super premium FKM synthetic rubber, precision-molded onto corrosion-resistant aluminized steel carriers. These gaskets offer maximum protection from exposure to harsh chemical environments and extreme operating conditions.

Surviving OAT Coolants and Extended Service Intervals

Today’s intake manifold gaskets must seal and survive in much more demanding environments than in the past, including exposure to extended-life anti-freeze, known as OAT (Organic Acid Technology) coolants. For over ten years, Victor Reinz’s U.S.-based factory has been a leading supplier of advanced-technology intake manifold gaskets for Original Equipment, OEM Service and the Automotive Aftermarket. For many applications, most of the molded intake manifold gaskets sold by leading aftermarket brands were manufactured in Victor Reinz facilities.

Unique Advantages of MaxDry STL

The GM 3.1/3.4L V6 and the GM 5.0/5.7L V8 gaskets received special attention from Victor Reinz. The coolant ports in our steel gasket carriers feature “scalloped” openings to reduce stress on the molded rubber seal when compressed on the engine, a major benefit of choosing MaxDry STL Steel Carrier Intake Manifold Gaskets! Our 3.1/3.4L gaskets also have an easy-to-see advantage. Victor Reinz has added a patent-pending pushrod installation guide, that’s like having an extra hand helping you assemble the valve train.

High-Grade FKM Molded Synthetic Rubber

What makes FKM so special for the molded seals? FKM is a premium fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber with very desirable properties for automotive and aerospace applications. It resists exposure to a wide range of chemicals, including oil, anti-freeze and fuel. It remains resilient and strong at higher temperatures than most rubber compounds can withstand.