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Gaskets and Sealing Products for Extreme Conditions.

In addition to supplying automotive manufacturers the world over, Victor Reinz gaskets are also the trusted brand among high-performance enthusiasts. 

Performance Gaskets from Victor Reinz. The Best of All Worlds.

Victor Reinz performance gaskets are designed by an American engineering staff with more than 100 years of total experience. They are street performance enthusiasts with personal knowledge of circle track and drag racing. It shows in the products they design for you, which include:

  • Intake manifold gaskets with stock or race size ports
  • Premium heat-resistant exhaust header gaskets
  • Premium valve cover gaskets with material and thickness options
  • Premium 1-piece molded rubber oil pan gaskets for more applications

Victor Reinz Performance Gasket Coverage

Victor Reinz performance gaskets are engineered to deliver premium performance in the following applications:

  • Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler small blocks and big blocks plus GM LS Series
  • Factory high performance
  • Modified street vehicles
  • Aftermarket blocks, heads, headers, etc.
  • Oval track
  • Drag racing
  • Off-road
  • Marine

Scalloped Oil Pan Gasket for BB Chevy: Another Victor Reinz Problem-Solver.

Victor Reinz advantages show up on the little things. When an engine builder is squeezing every ounce of power out of a Chevy Big Block, the rods can come precariously close to the sides of the block, pan, and especially the gasket. The slightest bit of interference could rob power or cause worse problems. Victor Reinz engineers have trimmed back the gasket rails as much as possible on HP1002 so that will never be an issue with our gasket.

Victor Reinz at the Forefront of GM LS Engine Coverage.

The LS engine family is challenging the great V8s of the muscle car era as the engine of choice for street performance and racing build-ups. Recent factory-built versions of the LS, as well as amazing aftermarket variations, are cranking out horsepower at astounding levels.

Victor Reinz, the Leader in 1-Piece Molded Oil Pan Gaskets.

Victor Reinz has been a leader in large gasket precision molding for over twenty years. Therefore, Victor Reinz brings unprecedented design and molding capability to the performance market.

A perfect example is Set No. HP1005 for Chevrolet V8 small block engines. It not only offers easier installation and greater durability than multi-piece gasket sets, it features flanges with holes for both left-hand dipsticks (1975-1979) and right-hand dipsticks (1980-1985).

Another Victor Reinz Exclusive: Chrysler Big Block Molded Oil Pan Gaskets with Integral Windage Tray.

Installing sheet metal windage trays with separate paper gaskets has always been a hassle on 440’s, etc. If it was going on a stroker motor, windage tray clearance for connecting rods could be a problem. If it used studs on the rear main bearing cap, the studs could interfere with the windage tray frame. Victor Reinz HP1009 and HP1010 gaskets solve all these problems.

Only from Victor Reinz: The First Full-Featured Molded Valve Cover Gasket for Ford 429/460.

Ford Big Block V8 fans can’t help but love this new gasket design from Victor Reinz. Until now, gasket choices for this engine were regular cork rubber, which has no re-usability, or flat, featureless silicone rubber gaskets. The only way to ensure tight sealing and low torque loss, while avoiding splitting, is to include stress-concentrating sealing beads on the gasket surface and rigid stoppers at bolt holes. Victor Reinz is one of the few brands worldwide with the resources to make that a reality with our HP1011.

10 Pack of Silicone Rubber Side Seals With Rigid Nylon Composite Core.

For Chrysler 361, 383, 400, 413, 426, 440 engines (part number HP1077).

  • Say NO to paper side seals 
    • Avoid leaks
  • Say NO to RTV with pipe cleaners 
    • Avoid mess
  • Say NO to silicone seals without cores Avoid floppy seal insertion problems
  • Say YES to Victor Reinz silicone seals with rigid cores and get exactly what you need!

Download the literature above to learn more about the Victor Reinz advantage in high-performance and heavy duty applications. Then look for a Victor Reinz dealer near you.