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Sealing Confidence

Illustration B
If the gasket set does not include pre-formed end seals, apply a continuous 3/16" bead of RTV silicone across both end rails of the block.
Illustration A
Apply a small dab of RTV Silicone Sealer at the junction of intake manifold side rail gaskets and rubber end seals. 

Reinzosil®, a highly elastic universal sealing compound from Victor Reinz®, has been the RTV sealant of choice in Europe for many years. Its durability, flexibility, and versatility has also made it a favorite among import car repair specialists. Now, Victor Reinz® is bringing this exceptional and in-demand product to the entire North American aftermarket.

Reinzosil® Features

  • Resistant to temperatures from -50°C to +250°C (briefly up to 300°C)
  • Excellent resistance to fluids including mineral oils and numerous synthetic oils, lubricants, petrol, diesel oil, greases, hot and cold water, detergents, sunlight, ozone, and sea water
  • Fast, acid-free curing
  • Odorless - will not harm oxygen sensors
  • Non-hazardous substance (tube)
  • Sealing gap > 0.15 mm

Reinzosil® Applications

  • For use at gasket intersections and on components that were originally sealed with RTV by the manufacturer (such as intake manifolds, valve covers, oil pans, etc.).

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