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Typical RTV sealants for gaps up to 0.15 mm don’t hold up in high-heat environments, and they can break down quickly if exposed to internal combustion fuels, diesel fuels, and other liquids.

Victor Reinz® Reinzosil® is thermally stable from -58°F/-50°C to 608°F/320°C. Easy to apply and fast-curing, it is a dependably durable sealant that’s also suitable for uneven and rough surfaces.

Reinzosil New SizesVictor Reinz® Reinzosil® is a permanently elastic, universal silicone sealing compound with excellent resistance to fluids and extreme temperatures. Its durability, flexibility, and versatility make it a favorite RTV among import car repair specialists. Reinzosil is now available in 70ml tubes, 200ml Aerosol Cans, and 310ml Cartridges.

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1 Tube Does it All!

Part Type Description Package Part Number
70ml Tube Reinzosil Universal RTV Silicone Sealing Compound 25ct. Case 70-31414-10
200ml Aerosol Can Reinzosil Universal RTV Silicone Sealing Compound 10ct. Box 70-31414-20
310ml Cartridge Reinzosil Universal RTV Silicone Sealing Compound 12ct. Box 70-31414-40

Excessive SKUs—covering numerous brands and tube sizes—waste valuable shelf space, and offering a huge variety of RTVs can be confusing for customers and shop owners.

Victor Reinz® Reinzosil® is a one-tube solution in one ideal “shop size” tube that can take the place of over a dozen RTV varieties, saving inventory space and dollars and avoiding ordering hassles.

Unlike competitor products—which may incorporate plasticizers of minor quality such as calcium carbonate or limestone—Reinzosil will not shrink or lose weight in high-heat environments. With superior resistance under load even at high temperatures, you don’t need over a dozen different tubes of RTV on-hand; you only need to stock or purchase one tube to do it all.

Reinzosil is available in 70 ml tubes, 200 ml aerosol cans and 310 ml cartridges

Fluid Resistance Table
Reinzosil is resistant to most common vehicle fluids.

Reinzosil Features

  • Resistant to temperatures from -58°F to 482°F, and briefly up to 608°F (-50°C to 250°C, briefly to 320°C)
  • Excellent resistance to fluids, including mineral oils and synthetic oils, lubricants, fuels, diesel oil, greases, water, and detergents
  • No corrosion
  • Fast curing
  • Will not harm oxygen sensors
  • Sealing gap > 0.15 mm

Reizosil Features

Test After Test Reveals Reinzosil as the Premium Choice

  • After 500+ hours high-temperature storage (482°F/250°C), Reinzosil remains pliable and maintains shape while the competition becomes brittle and disintegrates
  • Thermogravimetric analysis shows a competitive product decomposing at 230°F (110°C); Reinzosil decomposition began at 750°F (400°C)
  • Competitive sealants are shown to corrode brass surfaces with acetic sealants, while neutral-curing Reinzosil shows no corrosion
Shore Hardness

Reinzosil Applications

  • Two-dimensional flat surfaces where there is a sealing gap, such as gasket intersections
  • Components originally sealed with RTV (room temperature vulcanizing silicone) by the manufacturer, including intake manifolds, valve covers, and oil pans

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Precise positioning, down to the last millimeter
Precise positioning, down to the last millimeter
Easy to position and shape and easy to apply
Easy to position and shape and easy to apply

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