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Wave-Stopper® Technology Provides a Superior Seal

Not all MLS head gaskets are created equal. Gasket design, the use of quality materials and coatings and an “OE” level production process ensures performance you can count on. The problem is, it’s hard to visually tell if you have the right part for the job–and your reputation depends on it.

The innovative Wave-Stopper® design in gaskets from Victor Reinz uses embossed concentric “waves” to create a highly uniform seal despite severe service environments, providing even pressure distribution and preventing over-compression of the gasket’s bore bead.

Dana is constantly working to bring to market new technologies that solve real-life, on-the-job problems, and the Wave-Stopper® is a gasket advancement that offers superior sealing properties. Victor Reinz® MLS (multi-layer steel) Wave-Stopper gaskets with Dana-patented technology meet the increased sealing requirements of today’s head gaskets in both light and commercial diesel engine vehicles.

The Wave-Stopper is Designed Differently, to Be Better

The innovative Wave-Stopper design utilizes topography within the gasket structure to create a highly uniform seal. Specifically, several concentric “waves” are embossed in an active functional inner layer, preventing over-compression of the bore bead. The topography allows Dana engineers to vary the bead height between bolt spans, resulting in more uniform sealing stress at the combustion opening. Uniformity results in less bore distortion and improved piston ring seal. The Wave-Stopper layer acts a secondary combustion seal.

Wave Stopper Diagram
The Wave-Stopper “waves” equalize pressure peaks and provide even pressures distribution

Victor Reinz MLS Wave-Stopper head gaskets have the features you’d expect from a manufacturer with over 110 years of sealing experience. Dana selects only the highest-quality materials to help ensure reliable, lasting performance. The Wave-Stopper is manufactured from full hard stainless steel, and premium FKM coatings provide enhanced fluid sealing. The materials utilized feature both plastic and elastic behavior, which can be matched precisely to each gasket’s unique working environment.

Wave-Stopper Benefits

  • Waves adapt to changing component stiffness
    • Equalizes pressure peaks
    • Provides even distribution of pressures on adjacent components
    • Offers additional micro-sealing at the combustion chamber
  • Helps distribute the load balance between combustion and fluid seals
  • Allows for highly uniform loading of stress within diesel engines
    • Reduces oil consumption
    • Reduces bore distortion
    • Reduces overhead cam distortion
    • Prevents the over-compression of the bore bead
  • Highest-quality materials
    • Full hard stainless steel
    • Premium FKM coatings
Part # Part Description
61-36460-00 Cylinder Head Gasket
61-36465-00 Cylinder Head Gasket
61-37115-00 Cylinder Head Gasket
61-37120-00 Cylinder Head Gasket

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